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    The color of heartwood is reddish brown and sapwood is yellowish white. Pine is almost straight grained. The texture varies from fine to medium. The closer the cut piece is to the inner part of wood, the reddish is the color.

    Pine grows there, where it is too dry or wet for other trees. Together with the sun it creates substances, that can heal sicknesses. It is the forest’s source of health.

    Most of the pine we use in viilu products comes from Finland. Some of the pine comes also from Estonia.


    Smoked oak

    The color of smoked oak varies from warm dark brown to black. Oak has medium to large pores. The texture of the wood is coarse. Dark color of smoked oak is a natural chemical reaction, that is possible because of the high tannin content of oak.

    Oak is strong wood in many ways. It is hard and the tannin protects it from sicknesses. Because of the dark color, smoked oak was used in jewelry to honor the spirits of loved ones.

    Smoked oak we use in viilu products comes from Germany.


    Colored birch

    Colored wood in viilu products is birch veneer, that is through-dyed. Compared to lacquer finishing, through-dyed wood will not loose its color when you are using it. This way the product has a longer lifetime.

    The main ingredient used in coloring is water. The coloring is done in Finland and also mainly the birch is coming from Finland.

    If you have considerations about the wood we use or you want to know more, please contact us.