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  • Tuohi silver plate earrings


    birch bark, birch, recycled 925 silver

    length about 55mm
    diameter silver about 20mm
    diameter wood about 30mm

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    Wear piece of Finnish forest! The earrings are individually handmade for you.

    Tuohi silver plate earrings are handmade of Finnish birch bark, birch plywood and recycled silver. Each earring has an unique pattern and surface. The surface of the wood is finished with oil and wax. The earrings are delivered with back parts.



    Wood is a living material and every piece has its own color and texture. It means, that the texture and color can be little different from piece to piece.



    Avoid contact with water, this way your viilu jewelry will last long. You can oil the wooden surface, if it has some scratches or has been in contact with water. Take a closer look into our care instructions.



    The production of our viilu jewelry is hand made at our studio. The origin of the wood we use: pine – Finland and Estonia, birch – Finland, oak – Germany. We use only certified and European wood. The materials are carefully chosen. We produce our jewelry as sustainable as possible.


    Every viilu jewelry is delivered in a packaging, which is made of cardboard, outer part out of recycled cardboard. Our packaging contains no plastic and they are produced in Finland.


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