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  • Our values


    Passion for wood

    Our main material in our products is wood, because it has many ecologically friendly properties. It’s renewable and biodegradable material. Trees grow naturally and use the energy from the sun. When we contribute carbon dioxide to the atmosphere with our actions (by using fossil fuels, our food production etc.), trees absorb it and release clean oxygen. Wood products continue to store much of this carbon dioxide. Wood is about 50 percent carbon by dry weight. Trees are important, when fighting against the climate change.

    Using domestic and European wood

    For us is important, that all the material we use origins in Europe. This way we can be sure, that the wood is certified and comes from well cared forests. Four different factories from Lohja, Hollola, Rauha and Kuopio deliver wood to us. The factories are located in Finland. These factories deliver only FSC certified wood, which means responsibly managed forests. Pine, birch and alder origins in Finland. Some of the wood we use origins in Estonia. Our oak origins in Germany. All our wooden parts are produced by us at our studio from raw material until the finished product.

    Using recycled silver

    The use of precious metals can harm environment and often the mining conditions hurts human rights. Because of these two reasons, we are using 100% recycled silver in our jewelry. Recycled silver comes from cleaned scrap for example from electronic devices, that are not in use anymore. Silver is 100% recyclable material. Our silver parts are made by hand by us at our studio or cast in Finland and finished by us. However our silver chains are only partly out of recycled silver. They are produced in Italy. We have a goal to find a recycled silver chain producer in Europe to be able to offer all the silver in our jewelry recycled. If you know a producer, please inform us!

    We value handcraft

    Our goal is to make long lasting products in the perspective of design and the quality of the products. We both have a special know-how to make Viilu Jewelry and other wooden products. Tobias is a carpenter and responsible for wooden parts in the jewelry and other wooden products. Susanna has learned goldsmithing and is responsible for the silver parts in the jewelry. We are both designers, Tobias a product designer and Susanna a jewelry designer. All our products are handmade. For us handmade means cutting, sawing, sanding, fitting and oiling wood. It means sawing, sanding, soldering and polishing silver. We want that our products are handmade of high quality and ecological materials and they are handcrafted ethically.