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  • Exhibition and Pop-up shop in Oulu

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    Viilu Jewelry

    Hey Oulu! In July, we will introduce at the PROTO showroom how two different materials become sculptural features.

    Koivisto Studio is our creative space, where the jewelry and interior products are born. Our work is characterized with clear lines and finely finished surfaces, details. We, designers Susanna and Tobias Feuerbacher combine our expertise, Susanna as a goldsmith and Tobias as a carpenter. Our work has been seen for example at the Milan Design Week. In Oulu we will present a selection of our products among few artworks.

    Exhibition is a co operation with designer and artist Niina Hiltunen, who makes sculptural works, using handwoven textile material mainly. Light and shadow play on the surfaces, providing a unique experience for the viewer. The details in the artworks give every time something new to discover. Hiltunen’s works have been exhibited last year at the Habitare fair.

    Pikisaarentie 17, Pikisaari Oulu, Finland


    Opening hours:
    Mon 5pm – 8pm
    Tue-Sat 11am – 6pm
    Sun 11am – 3pm

    See you in Oulu! Warmly welcome!

    More info about us:
    Koivisto Studio https://www.koivistostudio.fi/
    Niina Hiltunen https://www.niinahiltunen.com/portfolio_en/

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