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  • Farewell 2018!

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    viilu jewelry

    Year 2018 was the first whole year for viilu jewelry. We attended in various selling events, which gave us an idea, which products were the most wanted ones. We also met a lot of new faces, got to know many new small brands in Finland, and the best of all – made new friends. Along the way we got support from so many of you. It has been surprising and uplifting. As a small start up company it’s not easy to keep on going.

    The highlight of the year was definitely the Talents show at the Tendence fair in the summer time. It was the first touch for us abroad. The best thing was to meet other talented designers from all over the world. All in all it was an experience we will remember forever. In the Autumn we had two selling events, where we shared the place with another jewelry brand from Finland, KARINA jewellery. We had a good time and support from each other.

    The year ended to our design studio’s debut exhibition PUU TUNTUU in our hometown. We presented there art objects and products, which we have been making during the year 2018. The feedback was good and the local people got to know us a bit better.

    In the year 2018 we expanded our product range from jewelry into small interior objects and even into wall installations. We really enjoyed that and want to keep on following this path.

    Thank you for being a part in our journey. Let the new year 2019 begin!

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