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viilu individual include exhibition pieces and commission work. If you want to have an individual viilu, please contact us info@viilu.fi.


Brooch installation. 2017.
Pine, taxus, oak, elm, bog oak, painted birch plywood and titanium.

Aligning is about the human need to count, arrange and control time. Time is a phenomenon, that can be experienced when the current moment changes to a next one. A change makes the time measurable. As long as we are moving forward and seeing the change, we can keep our illusion and have a control over something we created.

This type of jewelry was chosen to symbolize the importance of time for us. One single brooch makes a bond to the person wearing it. It connects the person to the time.

Aligning was a part of Munich Jewellery Week and Ironically Iconic exhibition at Milan Design Week 2017.


Forest Flows

Earrings and bracelet. 2016.
Pine, painted birch plywood and silver.

Forest flows combines warm and living material and sharp graphic shapes. Forms with the shadows are creating feel of a movement, that represents vitality of the forest.

Pine, Finland’s most common tree species and the color, blue as water, as well as the simplified form language are closely linked to the Finnish culture.

Dancer Sanni Perttilä, Tendency Kto, gave new charasteristic to the jewelry.

Every tree, every piece of wood has its own character and story to tell.

Every tree, every piece of wood has its own character and story to tell.